Here are some of our bespoke kitchens. Every detail can be customised to suit you... or we can start together, producing your designer kitchen from scratch!


The "Brougham"

Simple. Modern. Elegant. Timeless design and useful features.

The "Barclay"

Orderly, tidy and uncluttered, this design makes great use of a narrow space.

The "Pickford"

"The little kitchen that could!" Small. Bright. Compact. Yet very, very practical.

The "Catania"

An airy, bright and sunny kitchen design with plenty of storage space.

The "San Jose"

The one with the lot: strong yet muted colours, sparkling marble, clever storage solutions, Elegance and understatement all in one!

The "Twixford"

Warm timber colours stand out from dark, soothing panels. The natural wood barn door to the pantry adds a rural touch to this modern kitchen.

The "Georgian"

Big, opulent and well-appointed, well heeled elegance with practical, modern flourishes.